Sultan Flooring is a national supplier and installer of all quality contract floor coverings. Whether it be an office, a warehouse, or public building, you can be rest assured that the renovation of your new floor is in the hands of a specialist with decades of experience. We undertake the full project from initial site visit, supply of the new flooring and full installation with full guarantees. get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist. We have good relationships with the manufacturers of leading products, so we can pass on a quality product, and one that is reliable in terms of both performance, and availability, which we believe is of utmost importance to assist us deliver projects on time. Each project we undertake is different. Some are very straightforward, whilst some of the much bigger projects can come with any number of different challenges, which is why we are here to go the extra mile. We do stress the backbone to the smooth running of a project is good communication throughout from all parties involved. Each project is priced mainly according to the time involved, the complexity of the job, the materials needed and also the quality of the materials used. Floor coverings used in public areas are exposed to heavy traffic/footfall on a daily basis, so materials used need to be of a much higher grade, than those used in homes for instance. We do not sell the cheaper materials that are primarily for residential purposes, although you are welcome to purchase for your own home too. What we do supply are flooring applications that are built to last, and thus ultimately giving the best value for money, which is proven by the guarantees given by the respective manufacturers.

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