Everyone loves sinking their feet down into a good rug and with our service rug cleaning you can be proud of your rug . we love to clean rugs because we know they have been chosen to bring a bit of life and warmth into your home . Depending on the amount of traffic your rug sees it is important to have it professionally cleaned every two to three years. Cleaning your rug with our specialist techniques will give it a greater length of life and will enhance its natural beauty. The essential task of removing all dust and fine grit, will leave your rug looking refreshed and brighter. However, the most important aspect of our rug cleaning process is halting the deterioration of the foundations and premature wear on the fibres. We have a thorough and methodical process to cleaning your rug or carpet. Using both traditional and modern techniques, our method is the number one way to clean all manner of rugs. Whether you have a Persian rug, Chinese, Indian, wool or silk rug our process will give your piece the best wash possible and will rejuvenate your rug’s looks. Our process of specialist cleaning involves the following steps.


Step 1

A color fast test, to ensure there will be no colour run during the process Beating the rug from the front as well as the back to remove all the dust that has settled deep within the pile, stopping wear and tear

Step 2

Wash. ,rinse , remove excess water ....

Step 3

Drying in our drying room, while the carpet is suspended in our custom built, climate-controlled dehumidifying room. We allow air to circulate fully through your rug and draw all moisture away.